Why Use CMG Technologies

CMG Technologies is highly experienced in the precision manufacture of Metal Injection Moulded components. Our qualified team of Senior Engineers have been involved in developing MIM for over 25 years and CMG has been a direct supplier to industry since 2000.

We manufacture parts in line with BS ISO 22068:2012 for Sintered Metal Injection Moulded materials and our products conform to this standard.

We are ISO 9001-2008 accredited and work in accordance with our tight Total Quality Fundamentals. These include:

  • Process FMEA’s
  • PPAP’s
  • Fully documented process control’s
  • Full traceability

Metal Injection Moulding is our core business. The entire process is completed in-house, in the UK, to maintain control over every stage of production. This allows us to control the consistency and dimensional repeatability of the parts we produce, guaranteeing unrivalled quality.


Tool Design on our AutoCAD based system.



Tool build in our fully equipped, well maintained tool room. The tool comes with a lifetime guarantee so all maintenance and repair is carried out at our cost.



Compounding of the feedstock in accordance with the parts custom mix formalised by our in house metallurgist.



Moulding of the parts on one of our six Arburg moulding machines



Debinding of the parts in one of our five debind ovens.



Sintering of the parts in one of our four furnaces.

A Batch Traveller accompanies the parts at each stage to ensure full traceability and adherence to our documented Workmanship Standards.

Here at CMG Technologies,  close working relationships with our customers and excellent communication links have always been fundamental to our business culture and our high level of customer satisfaction.

We regard ourselves as an extension of our customers’ business, offering support and design advice on new and ongoing projects, with a well-structured NPI route to ensure all new projects move into production in a timely manner, and as smoothly as possible.

Swann-Morton Scalpel Handle