Innovations at CMG Technologies

CMG Technologies works hard to ensure we are the MIM Company of choice and technical leaders in our field. We are constantly developing our metal injection moulding process to offer added value to our customers and to stay ahead of the competition.

Our main areas of innovation and development include:

Thin Wall Sections

We are now producing parts with wall sections as thin as 0.5mm which are hermetic to greater than 10-10 torr.

Coring of Parts

We work with our customers to reduce the weight of parts to the minimum possible, whilst still maintaining structural integrity. In some instances we have reduced weights by up to 70% - not only does this allow us to process the part more effectively, it allows us to offer a more competitive price to our customers.


We have the capability to manufacture a component with major dimensions of just 1.85mm x 1.60mm x 0.835mm with a 100µm hole and a small groove on one of the faces. Metal injection moulding this part ensures consistent results and significantly reduces production costs.

Integration of Parts

By integrating parts into one component we are able to help customers to reduce their failure risks and yield losses caused by assembly, as well as eliminating expensive secondary operations.

New Materials

CMG is constantly developing new materials both independently and in partnership with our customers and suppliers. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

University and Industrial Collaborations

As a market leader, we are involved in a number of collaborations with industrial partners and universities to develop the MIM process and to expand our level of knowledge even further.