• 1975 - Europlus Fibre Optic Products established

    Precision manufacturing company at the forefront of Optical Engineering. Designing and manufacturing high precision Optical Fibre Components in both plastics and metals.

  • 1998- Chris Conway appointed MD of Europlus from Hewlett Packard Fibre Optics

    Chris brought a wealth of knowledge to his role as MD of Europlus with over 20 years' experience in senior management positions within various Blue Chip companies. It was Chris who identified the opportunity for Metal Injection Moulding (MIM).

  • Late 1990s — interest in MIM developed due to customer demand

    Europlus experienced an increase in requests from customers for components that were ideally suited to MIM processing in terms of size, design and production volume so Chris implemented the transition from precision machining to MIM Manufacture.

  • 2000 — Dr Phil Marsh joined Europlus from Manganese Bronze

    With more than 20 years experience in Powder Metallurgy and a PHD in the Sintering of Mixed Powders, Dr Marsh brought extensive technological expertise to Europlus and played a significant role in establishing the company's MIM operation in Rendlesham.

  • 2002 — Europlus acquired by Egide SA to form Egide UK Ltd

    Egide SA, specialists in the manufacture of hermetic packages for sensitive electronic components, had already recognised the capabilities of MIM and regarded the acquisition of Europlus as an effective way to obtain a MIM manufacturing base to complement their product offering.

  • 2004 — Rachel Garrett joined Egide UK as Sales & Marketing Manager from Molsen Coors

    Rachel joined Egide after graduating from Hull University and completing a three year Sales & Marketing Graduate Scheme with Molson Coors which had fast tracked her into a Senior Management role. Rachel continued the drive to move the company from a machined component manufacturer to a Metal Injection Moulding Specialist. During this time the MIM process was honed and the customer base expanded, ensuring business was secured from diverse industries across a global market.

  • 2013 - MBO of Egide UK. Conway Marsh Garrett Technologies formed, trading as CMG Technologies Ltd

    Change in Egide SA Group's market strategy resulted in Egide UK's senior management team of Chris, Phil and Rachel being offered 100% of Egide UK shares. Conway Marsh Garrett Technologies (trading as CMG Technologies), which was named after the three Directors, continues to operate out of its Rendlesham HQ. Whilst the name changed, the team of dedicated employees remained the same, as well as the vision to maintain the position of MIM market leader in the UK.

  • 2014 — Investment in new sintering furnace opening new markets

    Funding from the New Anglia LEP enables CMG Technologies to invest in new sintering furnace to facilitate the production of Titanium MIM parts to help company access new markets.