About CMG Technologies

CMG Technologies (previously trading as Egide UK) is an internationally renowned specialist in Metal Injection Moulding (MIM), providing injection moulded components to the medical, aerospace, automotive and industrial sectors for over 14 years.

Our team of Senior Engineers have over 25 years of experience in developing MIM, enabling CMG Technologies to become technical leaders in our field as the UK’s leading MIM producer.

We facilitate the entire MIM process in house, in the UK - from the tool design and build, to compounding the feedstock, through to the final sintering stage. This tight control at all stages allows us to manage the consistency and dimensional repeatability of the parts we produce enabling us to supply components of unrivalled quality and maintain full accreditation to ISO9001-2008.

Metal Injection Moulding offers a cost effective alternative to 5 axis CNC machining, with reduced lead times and savings of up to 50%. For further information about MIM please visit our Metal Injection Moulding page.

Whilst MIM is our core business, we do also have our own range of Fibre Optic Components which can be ordered from our distributor Essentra Components .